You Have These 5 Guarantees That You Will Be Rich

By | December 15, 2022

You Have These 5 Guarantees That You Will Be Rich You’ve been working nonstop to launch your business, or you’ve put in more overtime hours at work than you can count. At some point, you should become wealthy, and in this video, I’ll share with you five indications that you will, with the last indication being a trait shared by all billionaires.

You Have These 5 Guarantees That You Will Be Rich

1. you’re pissed that  you’re broke

People must be willing to move outside of their comfort zone if they want to advance in their careers or in their personal lives. Successful people throughout the world discover early on that becoming millionaires is never simple and that the desire for wealth is equally For individuals who attain great financial success, they learn to be comfortable working in perpetual uncertainty, but what does it mean to actually venture outside of your comfort zone? Comfort can be a temptation that will kill any chance they have of striking it rich. Leaving your comfort zone may involve accepting a position that exceeds your capabilities. acquiring fresh knowledge or making new connections

people whose recommendations you might use, as Drake says  started from the bottom now we’re here  and in many circumstances you’re going  to have to rise from Financial  mediocrity and through the ranks to get  where you’re trying to go in fact  starting at the bottom generally  involves enduring and pulling through  hard times and a lot of discomforts the  soon to be successful people take  comfort in the fact that the easy Road  soon becomes hard while the Hard Road  with time becomes easy basically you  have to loathe your current position in  life  it is generally believed that

The only people who take action to improve their financial situation are those who are not content with living in poverty, so in this article I want to say congratulations in advance if you’re lucky enough to feel this desire and know how to keep it burning your success depends on your ability to maintain a burning desire for the wealth that essentially consumes you.

2.   You  have separated your time and money

We were all sold the idea that we should pursue the traditional career path of a 50-hour work week in order to earn a stable salary. In other words, your life should consist of reporting to work early, working for eight or more hours a day, staying up late to handle all of your other responsibilities, and if you’re lucky, having a few hours to yourself on the weekend to relax. Then, if everything worked out by age 65, you’d have enough money. How did man manage to create laws requiring us to trade our time for money? in fact this is arguably one of the  biggest scams in society time is our  most important commodity and not even

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The fact that there are only 24 hours in a day and most people need to sleep for eight hours each night and commute for two hours each way means that no amount of money in the world can make up for how limited your income potential is if you currently make a living by exchanging your time for money. In fact, I would say that trading time for money is nearly impossible to succeed at.

it but  the fact is that no matter how much time  is spent working for an organization  whether twenty dollars thirty dollars or  fifty dollars per hour you’re always  limited by time  also you have to wait years before you  get the much needed and prayed for  promotion and there’s a good chance you  won’t necessarily get that promotion at  all now to top it all off employment tax  is the most taxed income and the more  income we earn the more taxes we face  this means that when someone goes from  earning sixty thousand dollars to

a  hundred thousand dollars at their job  they really don’t make forty thousand  dollars more the after tax increase is  significantly less not to mention when  we’re constantly trading in our time for  money our time for our passions are  severely limited things like a hobby we  love giving back to the community or  building something that can have a  tangible impact on the world or put on  the back burner as we try and stay  financially afloat but You’re now aware of  the time for money trap so make sure

you  congratulate Yourself because once you ditch  to this inefficient money making model  you’re one step closer to becoming that  rich individual you’ve always wanted to  be once you drop the mindset that says  that in order to make money we have to  exchange our time for it our minds open  up to Opportunities there is no rule  that states that in order to earn X  dollars we have to work X hours when  you’re among people who understand that  time can’t be exchanged for money you’re  thinking of trading value for money not  time such a person thinks about what  value he can create for other people and  how he can generate that value what  resources skills knowledge connections  or ideas do you have that people value  identify your strengths and abilities  and then go all in 

3. you understand the  difference between saving and Investing  For wealth creation

There is a common misunderstanding between saving and investing that most people have, similar to many other things in our school system. Despite the fact that many people frequently use the phrases interchangeably, saving and investing are as distinct as chalk and cheese. If you possess this information, you are on the verge of being wealthy. You may wonder why it is so important; I’ll explain why in a moment. The first stage is to save the difference between your monthly costs and income.

the  Finish Line when it comes to wealth  creation when you gather part of the  money you save and invest in different  asset classes such as stocks bonds real  estate or gold you create wealth certain  financial advisors just tell you to put  money aside on a regular basis spend  less than you earn and deposit the rest  in the bank this is a saving however  when you understand that saving a loan  cannot make you rich and it is different  from investing you can take the next  step assuming you reserve a fixed amount  each month for mutual funds now this is  investing the thing is some people  already know that investing money can  generate profits that increase your net  worth and help you build wealth Over  time however they think storing cash in  the bank is the tried and true path to  doing so  once you can

differentiate between  saving and investing you understand that  money kept in a checking account does  not produce enough returns to beat  inflation instead the money invested in  assets such as stocks mutual funds and  real estate while being exposed to more  risk are your best bet to achieve the  level of wealth creation you desire  the goal of all Investments is to beat  inflation because with inflation the  value of money deteriorates over time if  the current cost of buying bread is  three dollars after ten years the same  loaf will probably cost you six dollars  therefore when you invest your goal  should be to earn a return that is  higher than inflation let’s say you put  your money in a bank account that pays  you seven percent interest

which chances  are you’ll never see by the way a year  later you have seven percent more money  however if inflation is above seven  percent it will buy less than when you  started even if you have more money in  your pocket this is the reason  understanding the difference between  saving and investing is undoubtedly a  good omen for wealth if your aim is to  double your savings you need to invest  it so that the interest rate or profit  you earn is higher than inflation  to create wealth all you have to do is  invest to beat inflation and do it  regularly over time according to  financial plans

4.  you have Financial  mentors

if you already have a financial  Mentor believe it when I tell you that  you’re on your way to success many very  successful people have this in common  they had a mentor a mentor is someone  who is on the same path as you but is  simply further down the line from their  experience they can provide the  information and guidance you need for  your chosen career path if you ask me  mentors are crucial to your success  because mentors will guide you among  other things on how to avoid potential  pitfalls and how you could approach

the  next steps in your career a mentor can  often facilitate networking between you  and others which can also help Advance  your career getting a mentor can benefit  you in many ways and can definitely help  you find success faster than if you  didn’t have guidance  in fact you should be grateful that you  realize the need for a mentor and found  one why let me break this down for you  right now starting running and growing a  company can be lonely and difficult

task  who did you turn to for advice from whom  can you bounce ideas and if you  sometimes feel depressed confused or  just want an energy boost who can give  you that the answer is simple you get a  mentor there are many people who have  built a business and there are many more  people who are passionate about sharing  their experiences of what works and what  doesn’t a Zen quote states that a wise  man learns from his mistakes however an  even more intelligent man learns from  others when it comes to making something  new you have two options the first is to  put in years of hard work learn by trial  and error Reinventing the wheel the  second is to learn from individuals that  have already walked that path mentors  who have been there and done it in my  career I soon realized that observing  and emulating successful people’s habits  processes and attitudes was a reliable  way to track my own success looking at  this this was one of my most important  life lessons and it is stayed with me  ever since this simple idea can be  easily transferred to your world and if  you want to accelerate your success  personally

professionally and in your  business this is it success modeling now  keep in mind that if you have a mentor  to guide you that doesn’t mean that  there are no trial and error experiences  after all we know that a child learns to  walk by modeling the people around him  but still Falls from time to time why  does the second sibling usually develop  faster than the first because they have  a role model to emulate and copy they  model success at an early age it’s a  simple ideology you inadvertently become  the person you spend the most time with  there is an expression that says if you  want to fly with eagles don’t hang out  with turkeys suppose you want to be a  high achiever and have surrounded  yourself with like-minded people who  share common values that stretch and  challenge you to grow your chances of  success have increased just as those of  failure have reduced once stretched the  mind never returns to its original  Dimension

5.  You have  numerous income streams

the last sign of  people destined to make great wealth is  such people have created for themselves  multiple streams of income not only that  they can successfully maintain and  multiply these streams of income one way  people build new streams of income is  through active work most people who  eventually become rich start by trading  time for money at a job or in their  business then they slowly amass the  assets to retract their time while still  making money and seeing their Bank  balances rise however Beyond active  income making money while you sleep is  another key to financial prosperity  let’s assume you’re a writer the  opportunities to make passive income  include writing a book or creating a  Blog with which you earn advertising  revenue and income from affiliate and  product sales at the end of the day  making more money in diverse ways is a  Telltale sign you’re about to become  rich.

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