Top Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs (Without A Degree)

Copywriting is a skill that involves selling or marketing a product or service using the written word. It is one of the best skills to learn if you want to start a business later on down the line. 

Social media management is an industry with a lot of potential. Many people have made a good income by managing social media profiles for businesses.  

Travel agents can help book flights, hotels, and provide information about the best attractions in a certain area. 

Graphic design can be a lucrative career if you specialize in the right niches. With the rise of the creator economy 

While some insurance companies can be sketchy and try to push unnecessary policies, term insurance is typically the best option for most consumers.  

Data analytics is an incredibly valuable field, especially in industries such as sports. 

SEO Specialist: An SEO specialist helps websites and blogs rank high in Google search results. 

Executive Assistant: This profession entails assisting high-ranking company officials like CEOs. 

There are over 243,000 results for recruiters on LinkedIn, where recruiters make an average of $69,000 annually on Glassdoor.