Everything We Know About 'Emily in Paris' Season 4

the marketing executive (Lily Collins) as she balanced two bosses and two potential loves in the third season last week.

The massive ending cliffhanger may have shocked viewers, but the smash Netflix hit will return for more escapist content.

Actually, the streamer ordered the fourth season of Emily in Paris about two years ago.

Collins and Netflix both made the announcement at the time, with the renewal occurring soon after Season 2's debut.

The two seasons were shot consecutively in France early this year, according to Variety.

which suggests that the show might return even early than its customary holiday season hiatus.

After the season finale's numerous cliffhangers, such as Camille and Gabriel's separation at the altar, there is a lot of ground to cover in Season 4.

Emily and Alfie's subsequent breakup after Camille's confession, and the big reveal that Camille's pregnant. 

The creator added that it's improbable that Camille will give birth to a child any time soon.