5 Ways to Help Your Dog Feel Less Lonely

5 Ways to Help Your Dog Feel Less Lonely

You’re not the only one who has ever questioned whether your dog is suitably entertained while you’re gone by the squirrels playing outside,

if your dog begins to yelp or whine as soon as you go out the door.

Dog Loneliness Warning Sign

That is an indication of tension and concern, therefore you shouldn’t ignore it.

Dog Loneliness Warning Sign

When you leave the house, your dog should ideally not respond. It should be as commonplace to watch you go as it is to see you fill the water bowl every morning.

1. Exercise on them.

If it fits your budget, hiring a dog walker or trainer may provide an abandoned dog companionship as well as exercise.

2. Employ a canine walker.

Some dogs’ symptoms of severe separation anxiety may be relieved by medication.

3. Research drug options.

While keeping the TV on or turning on some music might help fill the void while you’re not home,

4. If you usually do so, turn on some music.

Mullins advises giving your dog some sort of entertainment or enrichment before leaving if you’ll be gone all day, such as a sniff stroll or a find-it game.

5. Take advantage of the time you have together.