TOP 5 Best xbox series x headsets | xbox series x headsets Review

By | July 18, 2022

what’s up guys today’s Article is on the top 5 best xbox series x headsets in 2022 through extensive research and testing i’ve put together a list of options that’ll meet the needs of different types of buyers so whether it’s price performance or its particular use we’ve got you covered for more information on the products i’ve included links now let’s get started

TOP 5 Best xbox series x headsets | xbox series x headsets Review

1. Razer cara pro

if you want to save a few dollars and still get a solid product we especially single out the razer cara pro also known as the best affordable xbox series x headset on the market in 2022

the first thing to note about these wireless headphones is their versatility razer camera pro is designed not only to play with your xbox but is also adapted to other types of devices such as mobile phones computers or any other device that has bluetooth enabled sharpness and clarity of sound are two key factors about these headphones thanks to the 50

millimeter triforce titanium drivers the sound is divided into three channels inside the headset one for the low frequencies one for the mid frequencies and one last channel for the high frequencies this allows the sound you hear from any game to be very clear without saturation or interference of any kind and it’s not only the game as conversations with other team mates will also have a significant leap in quality thanks to the system the coding that the

razer cairo pro has also helps to achieve that sonic experience the fabric of these helmets is much more breathable which is welcome when you wear them for hours and speaking of ours it’s time to talk about the battery autonomy the estimated battery life is 15 hours using chroma lighting and 20 hours if we don’t

use this feature furthermore all the controls are perfectly understandable and it’s very easy to synchronize the headphones with the console and the next second you’re already enjoying your sound quality moreover when the headphones are synchronized with your xbox you’ll be able to turn them on remotely like many other voice devices these wireless headphones include a

cardioid microphone a one-way microphone that does not pick up ambient noise or anything else that could interfere with your communication this model will become one of your favorite affordable headphones thanks to its breathable fabric battery life and range we can move up to 30 feet from the console for the listed price we are thoroughly impressed

2. turtle beach stealth 700 gen 2 max

the next product on our review list is turtle beach stealth 700 gen 2 max which rightly won the title of the best wireless xbox series x headset on the market in 2022 this fresh model expands your network as the max part means maximum compatibility bluetooth is still available but the max headset now includes a new usb wireless adapter that

provides a faster alternative to bluetooth without delay for pc mac PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 and nintendo switch turtle beach has improved the battery life of the headphones doubling it to 40 hours for this design the design of the stealth 700 gen 2 max is

unchanged using the same 50 millimeter neodymium drivers as its predecessor housed in fairly large but comfortable earcups the design is very comfortable and the memory foam pads on the ear cups with a hint of cooling gel prevent you from overheating as for the sound it’s

pretty detailed the device delivers an attractive bass boost with punchy mids and clear trebles the sound works well for playing games there is also a button on the left ear cup that can activate the so called super human hearing mode this setting slightly lowers the bass and amplifies the treble so you can hear details like quiet footsteps more clearly the microphone also works well

captures my voice very clearly and the audio hub allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone and activate the noise gate which helps block low level background noise connecting to your phone and launching a dedicated turtle beach phone app is the only way to change your headset settings it does not satisfy the complete

equalizer level controls but it still has a lot of functions you can adjust your own custom treble and bass balance and set the microphone level and modify the volume of system audio queries like the 700 gen 2 you get virtual 7.1 surround sound via windows sonic and dolby atmos good stuff a thumbs up

3. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 gen 2

has a lot of functions you can adjust your own custom treble and bass balance and set the microphone level and modify the volume of system audio queries like the 700 gen 2 you get virtual 7.1 surround sound via windows sonic and dolby atmos good stuff a thumbs up from here if you’re looking for top quality headphones and you’re willing to spend a

few extra dollars for it we say look no further than the bang and olufsen beoplay portal we’re looking at the best premium xbox series x headset on the market in 2022 these headphones deliver a highly impressive sound xbox wireless and bluetooth 5.1 connectivity as well as adaptive active noise cancellation

we’re talking crystal clear sonic attack communication and superior design this model is a top device and we can see it the moment you pick them up the construction finishes and materials used we immediately have an undeniable sense of quality the manufacturer used aluminum to give this model more resistance with less weight in

particular on the right cup you’ll find usb-c ports for charging and connection and a three and a half millimeter audio port that allows you to use the headphones in a wired way the device does not have a microphone jack and this is where one of the highlights of the

beoplay portal comes to shine you have a virtual wrist system that you can use which utilizes four mems microphones that amplify the sound of your voice to get more versatility these microphones are arranged in pairs of two in each cup and are not alone as for the battery these are wireless headphones but if you connect the charging cable it allows us to continue playing without problems while the device is still charging

something that is always appreciated but not all headphones allow the device delivers 12 hours of autonomy this model also supports sbc aac and qualcomm aptx adaptive codecs in addition to the above mentioned compatibility with the dolby atmos system in addition to the active adaptive noise cancellation this uses a total of six microphones to suppress external noise if you can afford this beast we say go for it

4. xbox wireless headset

up next we present to you the silver medalist for today and the title of the runner-up best x-pac series x headset on the

market in 2022 the xbox wireless headset from the first moment you open the package the xbox wireless headset surprises us with its truly original design and functionality loaded with rather sleek lines it looks cool and delivers the goods furthermore the addition of a synthetic leather cover made of polyurethane will provide a rather pleasant touch for the skin and

the device easily adapts to the contours of your head these xbox wireless headphones are fully compatible with the xbox x series and the series s xbox one as well as with any windows desktops and any mobile device with bluetooth 4.2 connection as for the microphone it’s worth mentioning that we experienced a much better performance than we expected

and although microsoft itself has improved the use of voice isolation to suppress background noise and automatic silence it’s true that the final results not only allow us to focus on the voice by mitigating ambient noise but also offer the clearest and most natural voice output in addition the headphones have an automatic mute function which by automatically detecting when the user is

not speaking will automatically mute the microphone to keep communication channels free and prevent possible entry of foreign elements xbox wireless headphones feature 40 millimeter speakers compared to the current trend of other manufacturers who opted for 50 millimeter and besides they’re one of the most powerful headphones we’ve tried lately the volume level they offer is really high but even if you put them to

the maximum these headphones do not distort the sonic output the bass is simply massive thunderous while the high and middle tones stand out with the purity and clarity leaving the voices sharp and clear if you’re a player who spends all your free time in xbox ecosystem including your computer and mobile phone the xbox wireless headphones are one of the best wireless headphones you’ll find this is a quality product and all we can do is recommend

5. steel series arctis 7x

It finally thanks to an exceptional performance great value for money and many satisfied customers we have come to the unanimous conclusion that the steel series arctis 7x is the best overall xbox series x headset on the market in 2022 these headphones utilize a steel headband that adjust together with an elastic band with a black plastic chassis they’re designed to provide

great comfort to the user regardless of the number of hours you’ll play we can freely say that steel series arctic 7x wireless is one of the most comfortable headphones on the market the device comes with 40 millimeter speaker drivers where we can even hear the smallest sonic details in all of our favorite games regardless of the genre these cans

deliver a strong audio output throughout the sonic spectre and the mid and treble tones are particularly fine and clean in games you’ll be able to hear the steps of your opponents clearly and precisely which gives you a greater advantage in the game also shots the sound of planes and explosions will take your gaming

experience to the next level in terms of battery life steel series arctis 7x wireless offers up to 24 hours on a single charge it’s recommended that the device is fully charged before first use to measure hours of use the battery power is top notch and more than enough for the average gamer the charging time for these headphones is approximately 2 hours if the battery is low the 40 feet

range is also very good and users have never had a problem with the signal the microphone is a discord certified clearcast unit with a two-way noise cancellation design which together leads to excellent clarity of communication while you’re in the game steelseries arctic 7x brings compact usb-c port for seamless transition between xbox series

x xbox one pc playstation android and nintendo switch however these headphones are designed to provide maximum experience on xbox consoles overall this product delivers premium performance at the best possible price quality ratio you want it the best you got it so that’s it for the best xbox series x headsets 

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