Top 5 Best Curved monitor Review 2022 | samsung cj791 review

what’s up guys today’s Article is on the  top 5 best curved monitors in 2022  through extensive research and testing  i’ve put together a list of options  that’ll meet the needs of different  types of buyers so whether it’s price  performance or its particular use we’ve  got you covered for more information on  the products i’ve included links .

1. samsung  cj791

samsung cj791
Special FeatureAdaptive Sync, Curved, High Dynamic Range
Display Resolution Maximum3440 x 1440 Pixels
Display TypeLCD
Aspect Ratio21:9
Response Time1 Milliseconds

let’s get started we’ll  kick things off with the samsung  cj791 also known as the best value  curved monitor available on the market  in 2022 samsung continues to expand the  performance and connectivity options of  its curved monitors with the launch of  its cj 791 model which is the first in  the world to combine q-led technology  with a thunderbolt 3 port the samsung cj  791 is a 34-inch monitor

with a curved  panel and q-led technology developed by  the tech giant as an alternative to much  more expensive ole technology this new  monitor is specifically designed for  entertainment making it the first of  which these features to integrate in  advanced thunderbolt 3 connection thanks  to this option users will be able to  connect the monitor to

their laptop and  other devices using only one cable  because thunderbolt 3 technology allows  multiple devices to be connected in a  chain this advanced connectivity  provides a bandwidth of 40 gigabytes per  second which is four times faster than a  usb 3.1 cable and enables use with a  variety of devices such as monitors  high-end external hard drives external  graphics cards and more the ultra slim  bezels make it an ideal choice for

multi-monitor setups the base is  adjustable in height and tilt for  greater comfort of use and greater  freedom of configuration this panel is  capable of reproducing 125 percent of  the srgb color spectrum making it ideal  for professionals who need high color  fidelity while working the curvature and  viewing angles of 178 degrees make this  model a very impressive device without a  doubt curved monitors provide a more  immersive

experience than flat screens  that’s because we see the world in three  dimensions and curved monitors better  mimic that by creating a sense of depth  for the listed price you can’t beat this  one

2. asus  rog strix  xg27vq

Special FeatureHeight Adjustment, Pivot Adjustment, Blue Light Filter, Swivel Adjustment, Tilt Adjustment, Flicker-Free, Built-In SpeakersHeight Adjustment, Pivot Adjustment, Blue Light Filter, Swivel Adjustment, Tilt Adjustment, Flicker-Free, Built-In…
Display Resolution Maximum2560 x 1440
Display TypeLED
Response Time1 Milliseconds
Specific Uses For ProductPersonal, Gaming, Business

the next product we’ll talk about on  our review list for today is the asus  rog strix  xg27vq which won the title of the best  mid-range curved monitor available on  the market in 2022. we are looking at a  27-inch curved monitor with full hd  resolution of 1920×1080  refresh rate of 144 hertz and a response  time of 4 milliseconds the listed screen  resolution ratio has always been an  option you can’t go

wrong with although  now with the curvature our vision  changes radically also included in the  mix is the visa 100 by 100 standard  support for wall mounting speaking of  the more technical features it’s time to  tell you that this model includes a va  panel with a maximum brightness of 300  dc m2 and contrast ratio of 100 million  to one as we’ve already seen in the asus  rog series the aesthetics part is very  important it allows us to

turn the  monitor up to 50 degrees and adjust it  up to 10 centimeters horizontally the  frame design is very restrained and we  really like the possibilities it offers  on an ergonomic level as we’ve already  seen with other models asus opted for an  external power supply it’s great because  that way we avoid overheating the panel  and all internal components as expected

the device includes amd freesync  technology as we already explained its  operation is quite simple because it  allows the scenes to be faster smoother  and more pleasant when we play it’s also  important to remember that the package  includes three basic technologies  usually associated with high-end  monitors ultra low blue light  anti-flicker and asus exclusives game  visual plus game plus good stuff a  thumbs up

3. samsung odyssey neo g9

Special FeatureHigh Dynamic Range
Display Resolution Maximum3,840 x 2,160 Pixels
Display TypeLED
Aspect Ratio16:9
Response Time1 Milliseconds
samsung odyssey neo g9

from here up next we present  to you the samsung odyssey neo g9 which  has deservedly taken the title of the  best super ultra wide curved monitor  available on the market in 2022 we’re  looking at the first curved gaming  monitor in the world that uses a mini  led panel with technology square  matrices the new samsung odyssey neo g9  monitor offers

an innovative gaming  experience it uses quantum mini led  technology and the company truly strives  to take the gaming experience to the  next level thanks to quantum matrix  technology the quantum mini led makes  the dark areas even darker and the  brightness brighter with a total of 2048  dimming zones this allows the user to  enjoy

the content with the best possible  quality in addition the device utilizes  quantum hdr 2000 technology that offers  a maximum brightness of 2000 nits  certified by vde it also has a static  contrast ratio of one million to one  these state-of-the-art technologies  provide perfect black and white levels  for high contrast and detail the samsung  odyssey neo g9 offers an

ultra wide 49  inch display with a 32 to 9 aspect ratio  this monitor has dual quad high  definition 5120 by 1440 resolution it  offers us a refresh rate of 240 hertz  and a response time of one millisecond  which is great in addition it uses a  curvature of 1000 r which is certified  by tuv rhineland a company specialized  in the certification of electronic  devices in terms of connectivity this  monitor has display port 1.4 and hdmi  2.1 vrr all for the

best gaming  experience but what’s most impressive  about this monitor is its size in every  way it’s a very large monitor that won’t  fit on a compact desktop samsung odyssey  neo g9 comes in the size of 16.5 by 45.3  by 21.1 inches just in case we recommend  that you use a tape measure and take  measurements before you decide to put  such a monster on the table this is a  quality product and all we can do is  recommend it

4. Benq  ex351r

Special FeatureHeight Adjustment, Pivot Adjustment, Swivel Adjustment, Tilt Adjustment, Flicker-Free
Display Resolution Maximum1920×1080 Pixels
Display TypeLCD
Aspect Ratio16:9
Response Time0.5 Milliseconds
Benq  ex351r

the next product we’ll talk  about in our review list for today is  the benq  ex351r which quite deservedly took home  the silver medal and the title of the  runner-up best curved monitor on the  market in 2022 the benq ex351r has a  solid metal base and allows a certain  degree of adjustment to make the screen  more comfortable to use with vertical  adjustment of

60 millimeters and tilt  adjustment between negative 5 and 20  degrees the installation process is very  simple and does not require special  equipment to connect to the carrier it’s  also ambient and adjust brightness  accordingly to reduce the effects of eye  strain the curved design of this benq  model immerses you completely thanks to  the 1800 r

curvature many other tvs and  curved tvs have a 3000 r curvature which  is thinner this means that thanks to the  1800r option the monitor offers a richer  and deeper screen overall the design of  the benq ex351r is optimal and offers  plenty of ports and a decent amount of  custom ability the manufacturer’s  unbiased advice as well as ours is to  use this monitor on a windows 10  computer as the popular operating system  can handle a range of

optimal screen  resolutions and aspect ratios giving you  a truly stunning experience in addition  the excellent synergy with windows 10  the device offers ready-made basic image  modes in hdr srgb to create your  favorite look and the ability to change  settings contrast and brightness this  monitor also has plenty of presets that  can easily be accessed via the on-screen  menu furthermore video games that

support hdr can run silently and without  any problems as if that wasn’t enough  the refresh rate free sync support and  impressive aspect ratio makes the benq  ex351r a much more suitable monitor for  gaming sessions compared to video this  is a top-notch product and all we can do  is recommend it

5. Alienware AW  3420DW

Special FeatureAnti Glare Screen, Curved
Display Resolution Maximum3440 x 1440 Pixels
Display TypeLED-backlit LCD monitor
Aspect Ratio21:9
Response Time2 Milliseconds
Alienware AW  3420DW

finally we present to  you the gold medal for today and the  title of the best overall curved monitor  available on the market in 2022  alienware aw  3420dw we’re looking at a 34 inch 2k  curved monitor an exceptional solution  for gamers of all types and walks of  life this monitor is intended for those  gamers and

users who want to enjoy  gaming or any other experience that a  conventional monitor simply cannot offer  and without having to go to the most  expensive ranges on the market right  from the start the device’s 120 hertz  refresh rate in native 2k resolution let  you work at twice the speed and  definition of the conventional standard  in an immersive

environment thanks to  its curved design with thin bezels the  alienware  aw3420dw boasts a solid sleek and above  all versatile build as the stand that  supports its curved panel allows it to  be adjusted in height tilt and swivel to  better suit your needs as a user the kit  has a matte black and white finish and  to personalize the gaming experience  with dynamic lighting effects it  includes a 4-zone

rgb lighting system  that you can customize via alien fx  software also it should be noted that  this model measures 32.04 by 22.10 by  10.77 inches and weighs 34.54 pounds  with the integrated kickstand to attach  the device to a wall you have to  disassemble the bracket and attach the  visa type moving on to the connectivity  department we highlight the addition of  three rear usb-a 3.0 inputs and two

more  located on the lower front of the  monitor to allow the connection of more  compatible gaming devices and  peripherals in addition the device has  an hdmi 1.4 output and another  displayport 1.2 type making it easier to  connect your laptop and game console  thanks to its 1900r curvature and 21.9  ultra panoramic aspect ratio you will be  guaranteed a truly impressive user  experience under normal multitasking use  such as games office

automation internet  and even high definition multimedia  entertainment in this sense it should be  pointed out that the 34-inch led screen  boasts a brand new 2k resolution with  nano ips technology which favors viewing  regardless of your favorite viewing  angle and without sacrificing image  quality overall this product delivers  premium performance at the best possible  price quality ratio you wanted the best  you got it .

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