TOP 5 Best Canon cameras [2022] | Canon cameras Review

By | July 21, 2022

TOP 5 Best Canon cameras [2022] | Canon cameras Review

what’s up guys today’s Article is on the  top 5 best canon cameras in 2022 through  extensive research and testing i’ve put  together a list of options that’ll meet  the needs of different types of buyers  so whether it’s price performance or its  particular use we’ve got you covered for  more information on the products i’ve  included links.

TOP 5 Best Canon cameras [2022] | Canon cameras Review

1. Canon EOS m50  mark II

if you’re a beginner we  especially highlight the canon eos m50  mark ii as the company’s best beginner  option available on the market in 2022.  this model has exactly the same  components as its predecessor can it  takes a little risk and the new updates  can therefore be found on the software  side a special effort has been put into  autofocus which now allows face and eye  recognition and tracking there is no  joystick on the canon eos m50 mark ii no  adjustable buttons and only one control  wheel

Canon EOS m50  mark II

the screen with a definition of  1.04 million dots is always tactile and  placed on the ball joint also this  screen on the eos m50 mark ii ball joint  is always very practical connectivity is  limited to a minimum the canon eos m50  mark ii has a 3.5 millimeter microphone  jack micro hdmi port and micro usb canon  also announces 10 frames per second with  auto focus tracking the real novelty of  this device is therefore the use of eye  recognition and tracking which is quite  efficient the canon eos m50 mark ii has  an unstabilized 24.1 mp aps-c sensor its  sensitivity is set in the range of 100  to 25600 iso and cannot be extended  further

the product offers the ability  to shoot in 4k uhd resolution up to 24  frames per second but with a strong 1.5  times clip compared to shooting in full  hd resolution also canon points out that  this device is ideal for vlogging with a  screen on the ball joint our suggestion  if it’s used for vlogging it’ll be  necessary to consider equipping yourself  with short focal length lenses compact  fast and easy to learn the m52 is a  suitcase for those who want to start

photography without complications the  upgrade implemented by mark 2 is more  geared towards video recording than  photography while the improved autofocus  is suitable for both modes there is also  support for vertical videos which are  popular on some sites canon’s menu  system is also very intuitive and  includes a guide mode that guides new  users through settings and functions  good stuff a thumbs up from here

2. Canon EOS RP

the  next product we’ll talk about on our  list of reviews is the canon eos rp  which deservedly took the title of the  best canon camera for enthusiasts on the  market in 2022. the heart of this model  is a full frame size sensor which is  35.5 by 24 millimeters without any crop  factor with an effective resolution of  26.2 million pixels this model is placed  in the current average of the full-frame  market its iso sensitivity ranges from  100 to 40 000 in

one-third step  increments we can also select iso 50  below and ramp it up to iso 100 and 2400  furthermore this model has a very  generous design which is why the camera  lies well in his hand and everything is  in the right place when you hold it you  have a sense of robustness and a  well-made camera the camera is intended  for photographers who are already canon  users that’s so they feel comfortable  with the new camera and don’t have to  get used to new controls or modes of  operation also all the information  confirms that the camera has a seal that  makes it

perfectly usable in conditions  of light rain or dust ideal for  enthusiasts therefore anyone who thinks  about the model can work peacefully in  rainy environments of course always keep  in mind that the camera must be dried  with a cloth as soon as possible the new  electronic viewfinder offers us an image  directly passing through the same sensor  first in particular we find an oled type  viewfinder with 2.36 million dots with a  magnification of 0.7 times canon is  proud to announce a battery autonomy of  around 250 photos it’s difficult to find  camera models that have more autonomy  than the official data but users

claimed  that it happened to them in total they  were able to take more than 350 photos  with a single charge the screen is 3  inches with a resolution of 1 million  pixels with very good colors and almost  perfect viewing angles you can use it in  practically any position and finally the  focus behaves in a spectacular way it’s  fast accurate and really quiet the  resolution and sharpness which also  depend on the lens used are very good  with saturated colors this is a quality  product and all we can do is recommend  it

3. Canon EOS 5d mark iv

up next we present the canon eos 5d  mark iv which we can freely say is the  best dslr canon camera on the market in  2022 the company’s launched the fourth  version of its well-known 5d a multi-use  dslr camera with a 35 millimeter  full-frame sensor which aims to keep  this saga at the best competitive level  in both photography and video we’ll  start with a sensor that is completely  new with a different architecture not  only because it includes technologies  such as dual pixel which we’ve already

Canon EOS 5d mark iv

seen implemented on other models of the  company but also because of the  excellent response to dynamic range and  above all its ability to recover low  light another positive thing is the  improved response to signal noise  something that has a lot to do with  dynamic range 31 million pixels helping  to deliver larger sharper images they’re  useful for many types of photos although  equipped with usb 3.0 canon chose the  digic6 plus processor nevertheless the  camera improves the firing speed  compared to the previous version from 5  to 7 fps as for the construction this is  a robust camera very well made

powerful  and ergonomic at the highest level  something that can and does very well  and one of the most prominent things  about this model is reliability in  addition the screen is finally touch  sensitive something that is a huge trend  in the sector the viewfinder was  obviously still optical that light was a  viewfinder with full coverage and  sharpness the wi-fi system is really  efficient and fast much more agile than  other company

solutions it has advanced  camera controls both for changing  settings taking photos remotely and  capturing videos this model includes 4k  and the ability to shoot slow motion at  up to 120 frames per second and yes  that’s right there’s also a smartphone  amp with advanced features thumbs up  that’s for sure

4. Canon EOS 90D

up next we present you  the silver medal and the title of the  runner-up best canon camera available on  the market in 2022 the canon eos 90d is  a mid-range aps-c dslr with a brand new  32.5 mp cmos sensor it uses the latest  canon digigate processor and an updated  measurement sensor which allows face  recognition when shooting through the  viewfinder the device features canon’s  dual pixel af system for live viewing  and video recording with fast focus and  subject tracking the camera has a medium  sized optical viewfinder and a fully  articulated lcd touch screen you can  shoot a burst at 10 frames per second  through the viewfinder and at 7 frames  per second in live view both with  continuous autofocus the 90d is weather

Canon EOS 90D


resistant to some extent which users  single out has a cool advantage it also  has headphones a microphone and usb-c  ports connectivity options include wi-fi  and bluetooth which is more than enough  the eos 90d is a dslr model that works  more reliably when used in live view  thanks to its excellent dual pixel af  system the camera also offers excellent  usable 4k and full-width raw images in a  well-designed weather resistant package  with fantastic ergonomics its focusing

and video tracking system works very  well especially to keep the person in  focus shooting in 4k without cropping  the image is not as sharp as with other  cameras due to the algorithm it uses but  these are very small differences 4k  quality is perfectly usable for any type  of project if we activate 4k with the  cut option the quality is excellent and  if we record in 4k and then reduce it to  1080p we’ll also get great results all  in all it’s a great video camera this is  a quality product and all we can do is  recommend it

5. Canon  EOS R60

finally after carefully  summarizing all the various reviews  opinions and experiences we have come to  the unanimous conclusion that the canon  eos r60 is the best overall canon camera  available on the market in 2022 so what  do we find in the canon eos r6 it’s true  that we switched from 30 megapixels of  the previous canon eos r to 20.

Canon  EOS R60

but  thanks to that they’ve achieved several  things including better noise management  at high iso values and greater dynamic  range specifically at this point  removing from 10.6 steps of the eos r to  11.16 for the canon eos r6 in other  words we have half a step longer range  which is not bad at all on paper the  canon eos r6 is capable of up to six  steps of stabilization and with the  addition of an is lens we can go up to  eight steps and indeed we must say that 

it works in an extraordinary way the  ibis performance of this r6 is excellent  and we can take photos for up to one  second of exposure or even 1.5 seconds  we don’t find an lcd panel with image  information such as iso aperture or  speed in return we have a psam wheel to  quickly switch from one mode to another  the canon eos r6 has the same viewfinder  as the previous generation that is a 0.5  inch oled panel and 3.69 million dots in  practice this required quite a generous  size very easy and comfortable to see  and compose photos it’s true that it  looks great both in daylight and in 

difficult light situations such as  direct sunlight and we can definitely  say that canon has the best focusing  system you can get in a mirrorless  camera today wherever you put the point  of focus the camera does it without  further consideration it does not care  about the lack of contrast or excess  overall this product delivers premium  performance at the best possible price  quality ratio you want it the best you  got it so that’s it for the best canon  cameras of 2022

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