Standing Table UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifiers as of March 2023

By | March 29, 2023

UEFA Euro 2024 qualifiers as of March 2023

Group A: Scotland, Spain, Georgia, Norway, Cyprus or France, with Spain having three points, Georgia and Norway having one point each, and Cyprus with no points.

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Group B: England, Italy, Ukraine, and Malta, with England having six points, Italy and Ukraine having three points each, and Malta with no points.

Group C: Croatia, Wales, Turkey, and Azerbaijan, with Croatia having four points, Wales and Turkey having three points each, and Azerbaijan with dual points.

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Group D: Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Estonia, and North Macedonia, with Austria having six points, Belgium and Sweden having three points each, and Estonia and North Macedonia with no points.

Group E: Hungary, Montenegro, Lithuania, and Bulgaria, with Hungary and Montenegro having three points each, and Lithuania and Bulgaria with no points.

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Group F: Slovenia, Denmark, Switzerland, Romania, Andorra, and Belarus, with Slovenia having six points, Denmark, Switzerland, and Romania having six, three, and two points respectively, and Andorra and Belarus with one point each.

Group G: Portugal and Romania, with Portugal having six points and Romania having six points.

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Group H: Italy, Slovakia, Poland, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Italy having six points, Slovakia and Poland having four points each, and Bosnia and Herzegovina with three points.

Group I: Finland, Kazakhstan, and San Marino, with Finland and Kazakhstan having three points each, and San Marino with no points.

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