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By | November 19, 2022

Ron DeSantis’ estimated net worth The most likely candidate to unseat Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president in 2024, Ron Desai Tis, is more like Barack Obama than his party’s adversary, at least in terms of personal money. DeSantis, who is presently the governor of Florida, has little background in business, and his personal finances reflect that. According to a financial disclosure form he submitted in June, he had a net worth of around $320,000 and owing about $20,000 in student loans at the end of the previous year

Ron DeSantis’ estimated net worth

If not already, things ought to change shortly. Politico claimed in February that DeSantis had signed a hefty book contract with News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch’s HarperCollins, the world’s largest publisher. Uncertainty remains regarding the precise amount of money that may be at stake because neither DeSantis nor HarperCollins responded to requests for comment. Politico was informed by an unnamed source that DeSantis had reneged on a “handshake deal” with another publisher for almost $2 million.

That sum is comparable to Obama’s first significant salary after his national debut as an Illinois senate candidate. He signed a $1.9 million, three-book contract with Random House in 2005. The amount increased as his profile rose. According to his tax filings, Obama made $12.6 million between 2007 and 2009, the years in which he transitioned from being a senator to president. DeSantis could succeed in becoming wealthy even if he fails to unseat Trump. Despite losing their respective primaries, Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders were able to make a tidy sum of money by capitalising on the publicity that comes with running for president.

DeSantis, who was up in a working-class family in Florida, is not used to having a lot of money. He attended Yale University as a college student and was a superb athlete. He captained the baseball team there. DeSantis began teaching history at a private school in Georgia after receiving his degree before enrolling in Harvard Law School. After earning his diploma in 2005, he started working for the US Navy. DeSantis had two prestigious degrees, a mountain of student loans, and a meagre government salary at the age of 27.

Even while the military didn’t give much money, it did provide certain benefits, such as access to generous financing programmes. DeSantis partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2009 to pay $307,500 for a house outside of Jacksonville, borrowing an additional $314,000 to cover the difference. In 2010, the same year he married Casey, a local media celebrity, he made the switch to the Navy Reserve.

DeSantis earned $128,000 in 2011 while working at the Florida-based legal firm Holland & Knight. In addition, he released a political book with the provocative title “Dreams From Our Founding Fathers: First Principles in the Age of Obama,” a play on the memoir of the 44th president. Only an estimated $20,000 was earned by DeSantis during his first writing career.

He quickly got more involved in politics and was elected to Congress in 2012. During his nearly six years on Capitol Hill, he saved some of his $174,000 salary by contributing to a savings account. On 2016, he momentarily increased the size of his real estate holdings by investing $242,000 in a house in Palm Coast, Florida. Two years later, he sold it for $275,000, clearing the debt and making a tiny profit.

Due to the timing of his two property sales, DeSantis was unable to benefit from the rise in Florida real estate values brought on by the epidemic. The governor, who presently makes around $140,000 a year, may have amassed a fortune of $500,000 by the end of the previous year if he had been allowed to hold onto his properties. Instead, he was only valued $320,000, which was less than the age-appropriate average American.

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