Lamar Jackson: “I don’t know” if Lamar Jackson would play on franchise tender

By | March 28, 2023

Lamar Jackson:  announced his trade request Monday morning, adding to the buzz with an interesting media session with Ravens head coach John Harbaugh at the league’s annual meeting in Arizona.

At this point, Baltimore doesn’t seem to have any intention of facilitating Jackson’s request. But because the Ravens have tagged Jackson with a nonexclusive franchise, the quarterback will still be able to negotiate an offer sheet with any of the other 31 teams. However, Baltimore could match that contract.

But if the offseason continues at its current pace — with Jackson receiving no open market interest and still unable to secure a long-term deal with the Ravens — at some point Jackson will face a choice of repechage.

Will he be in the 2023 franchise tender?

Harbaugh popped the question at a Monday press conference.

“I don’t know,” said Harbaugh. “I really don’t know anything.”

Jackson will win $32.4 million if he plays in the 2023 franchise tender, which would make him significantly underpaid. Jackson and the Ravens have until July 17 to agree to a long-term contract.

Harbaugh reiterated his belief that things between the Ravens and Jackson will work out and the quarterback will continue to play for Baltimore.

“There are two mutual appreciations here,” Harbaugh said. “I think Lamar believes in us and we believe in Lamar.
We know where to go next. So it’s a monetary problem that can be understood, that can be solved. It’s just a matter of negotiation. I think we just have to go down this road and eventually we will be successful.

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