How to STOP Your Cat Spraying Everywhere: 9 tips for success!

By | March 30, 2023

Dr. Akash Sky from gives you 9 tips and 9 steps for preventing your cat from spraying everywhere. First and foremost, it’s important to understand that spraying is a marking behavior where cats leave their urine scent mark in their environment to let other cats and animals know they are present. It helps them control their territory and avoid conflicts with other cats.

If your cat is spraying, they will typically back up to a vertical surface (like a wall or the side of your sofa), lift their tail (which may twitch a little) and spray urine onto the surface. It’s essential to distinguish between spraying and urination, as the causes and solutions are not the same.

Rule Out Underlying Medical Conditions

Make sure there are no underlying medical conditions causing inappropriate urination.

Neuter Your Cat

Check that your cat is neutered. Neutered cats are less likely to spray as they have less of a drive to defend their territory and are generally less stressed.

Litter Tray Management

Consider litter tray management, including the type of litter, the litter tray type, and the location of the litter tray. Clean the litter tray regularly, ensure there are enough litter trays, and avoid negative reinforcement by not shouting or punishing your cat.

Use Biological Washing Powder

Use biological washing powder mixed with water to create a cleaning solution. Scrub the area where your cat has sprayed to break down the urine and remove the odor.

By taking these steps and considering your cat’s needs, you can prevent spraying and ensure your cat remains happy and healthy.

Dr. Akash Sky, Tips for Preventing Your Cat from Urinating Everywhere

Use ammonia-free cleaning products to clean any soiled areas

Place a litter tray in the area where your cat is urinating

Ensure that the litter tray is cleaned regularly

Try different types of litter to find one that your cat prefers

Provide multiple litter trays in different areas of your home

Ensure that the litter trays are in quiet and private areas

Provide your cat with plenty of water to prevent urinary tract infections

Feed your cat a balanced diet to promote good urinary health

Avoid using deterrant sprays as they may actually attract your cat back to the area

Dealing with a cat who is urinating everywhere can be a stressful experience for both you and your feline friend. If you have any additional tips that have worked for you, please leave them in the comments below.

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