How Introverts Can Succeed in  Business, Life & Work

By | December 10, 2022

How Introverts Can Succeed in  Business, Life & Work There is a huge misconception about  entrepreneurs and it’s that in order to  be one you must be an extrovert  well you’d be surprised to know that 25  to 40 of the population are introverted  but in reality more than 40 percent of  people feel like they are introverts  according to a survey done by the  myers-briggs company in the uk  nine out of ten people feel like society  pressures them to behave in an  extroverted manner and that’s no big  surprise  i mean we always reward people that are  outspoken.

How Introverts Can Succeed in  Business, Life & Work

direct charismatic and  straight to the point and in business we  do the same  we always see those extroverts  publicizing their success talk about  their wealth and sharing very personal  information with no worry  we often miss this fact the only reason  why entrepreneurship and business appear  to only be suitable for extroverts is  that extroverts make all the noise while  introverts keep their success private  however this is a false perception  to be successful in business you don’t  have to be extroverted you don’t even  have to have that strong social media  presence  the greatest.

entrepreneurs are  introverts  take a look at mark zuckerberg and elon  musk they’re both introverts and still  they’ve achieved massive success  so the goal of this video is to help you  understand how you can leverage some of  your strengths as an introvert and how  you can win in the world of businesses  despite not being outspoken and loud  we provide content every  other day on personal finance business  entrepreneurship and so much more 

the problems with being an introvert  now being an introvert has some pros and  cons i’m going to talk about the  advantages that you have in business  over extroverts in a minute but first  let’s talk about the disadvantages these  are the three main things that will slow  down introverts in business  i’m also going to give you practical  advice on how to overcome these issues  ready good the

1. first one is you don’t  feel comfortable sharing your life on  social media  the leading platforms right now are  instagram tick tock and facebook  if you’re younger you probably mainly  use the first two however if you’ve  spent any time on instagram or tick tock  you’ve noticed.

how easy it is to fall  into the trap of consuming too much of  other people’s lives  they all publicize their successes and  some even their failures  they seem to have a great time and  people often feel pressured to share  their life on social media if everyone  does it especially in business you’ll  feel the need to do it too  now there are three things that i want  you to understand one social media is  counter productive unless you use it for  growth.

if you’re not using instagram or  tick tock to grow your brand gain  expertise or provide services you won’t  grow in business with it it will just be  a huge distraction  all businesses from all industries can  benefit from social media presence but  it isn’t mandatory for success  if you really want that social media  advantage for your future business you  could wait until you can hire someone to  take care of.

it however it’s important  that you understand that it’s a tool you  can use for good and bad another  situation where social media could be  productive is when you offer services  related to social platforms such as  marketing social media management and so  on 

2. social media is counter productive  unless you use it for learning yes you  can literally use instagram for learning  even tick tock there are countless pages  on a wide variety of topics if you’re  passionate about something there  probably is someone talking about it on  social media  since you’re here you’re obviously using  youtube for learning and you could do  the same with all social media platforms  simply stop following your friend jake  who talks about his weekends and start  following some useful people who teach  you stuff you’re interested in 

3. you are already more public than you  think it doesn’t really matter what you  do people are going to judge you anyway  they’re always going to be haters and in  a competitive world like the world of  business you can’t avoid confrontation  and pressure you see most people are  afraid of social media because they’re  afraid of what other people might think  of them  so here are two tips for you to overcome  the fear of what people think of you 

Disadvantage 1.

understand that nobody cares this  might sound a little harsh but it helped  me as an introvert with my social media  anxiety i used to be afraid to post  videos of me talking about my opinions  but when i understood this it was much  easier people don’t care about you or  your life unless they’re your friends or  family do you really think that mr  strawberry75 on instagram cares about  you just because they hated your content  they do not after 30 seconds they’ve  already moved on probably hating on  somebody else

Disadvantage 2.

hatred comes from pain and self-doubt  people that feel the need to hate other  people aren’t happy instead of replying  to mr strawberry75 with offensive  language and angry emojis you should  feel sorry for him and ignore it if  someone is spending their time on social  media  hating on everyone else and talking  about how good they are they have  serious issues and probably are in pain  for some reason or another  remember hatred and judgment have  nothing to do with you it has to do with  them

Disadvantage 2

you don’t want to tell  people what you’re up to  this one is similar to the first one but  it has nothing to do with social media  it has to do with sharing your thoughts  experience and feelings with other  people introverts often struggle to talk  about their life even with close friends  a solution to this is to create a very  small group of people with the goal of  sharing experiences

on a daily basis i  used to call this an accountability  group because you won’t just use it to  get used to being more open about your  successes and failures you can also use  it to hold yourself accountable you must  declare your goals to this small group  of people and you’ll feel positively  pressured to take action aimed at  achieving the goal 

Disadvantage 3. 

you don’t like selling  in business you either know how to sell  or you don’t sell it’s a fundamental  skill that everyone needs in order to  succeed in business you just can’t do  well without it but this doesn’t mean  that you have to do sales presentations  and cold calls every day for the rest of  your life  actually maybe you don’t need to make.

cold calls at all hear me out there are  many ways of selling yourself your  product or your service instead of  selling over the phone you could sell in  print that’s copywriting one of the most  important skills for introverts it  allows them to sell even if they feel  uncomfortable doing it in person  advantages of being introverted in  business  so being an introvert also has some  advantages in business let’s go over  those now’re a good listener 

Introverts have a personality trait  that’s very good at listening to others  and understanding them  you are probably good at understanding  the emotions of others and where they’re  coming from and this is very very  important in business since in order to  sell.

Properly you need to understand the  pain point of your customers this also  makes you a good leader the type of  person that’s loved by people even if  you’re in a position of power  that’s because you lead them from the  back  extroverts have a hard time listening to  others and understanding them as they’re  very loud and often talk so much that  they overwhelm others 

2.  you process information before taking  important decisions

Sometimes in business it’s very good to  listen to your gut fast decision making  is important but in the real world you  need to be the master of your emotions  and really think things through before  making any decision  there’s this quote that says never reply  when you’re angry never make a promise  when you’re happy and never make a  decision when you’re sad

3.  they’re more comfortable  with loneliness

As an introvert probably  you feel better working on things by  yourself this is a very common trait  among entrepreneurs for one of two  reasons  one you feel like groups drain your  energy or that they’re stressful thus  you don’t find them productive  two you want to be the master of your  project you want full responsibility and  control over stuff.

Now working with other people having a  team and delegating is important but  very often the world of business can  feel quite lonely most people don’t  understand what it takes to build a  business it’s a very lonely road and if  you can’t stand working late nights by  yourself you won’t succeed.

So here’s what i want you to keep in  mind most business people are introverts  or at least ambiverts ambiverts are  people who are introverts most of the  time but they also know how to behave as  an extrovert in certain situations  you must leverage your strengths and  don’t use the excuse oh i can’t succeed  because i’m an introvert that’s not the  case at all

1. leverage your strength

Now we don’t have much time left but i  have some extra tips for you to build a  career as an introvert here are a couple  one leverage your strength what are you  good at what skills are you a master at  in business especially in the beginning  you’re going to wear multiple hats  you’re going to be the founder the ceo  maybe even the janitor you’ll do a whole  bunch of stuff in the beginning you  don’t really have a choice.

but later on  you may have to start delegating the art  of delegation is very important if you  want to scale and many introverts  struggle with this as they want full  control over their business  if you know you have weaknesses or you  don’t like doing something in your  business delegate if you can 

2. leverage your tools

the internet is  offered so many opportunities for  introverts heck you can make a  six-figure income without ever showing  your face or talking to a lot of people  it’s all possible thanks to technology a  remote workforce and much more.

I mean  take a look at mark zuckerberg the guy  is worth 101 billion dollars and  apparently he’s socially awkward use  your tools in a way that benefits you  now you have no more excuses you’ve got  the knowledge go apply it before you go  take a look at this video copywriting is  one of the most in-demand skills for  introverts  you can work from the comfort of your  home maybe even in pajamas and make a  very very good income so have a look.

I’ll leave a link in the description box  why companies are writing huge checks to  those with this one skill and also watch  this one the psychology of free why this  word is so powerful.

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