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By | April 14, 2023

Gold Price Prediction: There is no change to the wave count at the moment. The ideal retracement in a wave 2 would go normally into the region or the ideal retreacement of the wave one

Wave Count Analysis Gold Price Prediction

There is no change to the wave count at the moment. The ideal retracement in a wave 2 would go normally into the region or the ideal retreacement of the wave one. So the target for a wave two normally would want it to go into the area between 1993 and 1961. Overall, the bullish pathway he continues overall. As long as we holding here these support levels, we can just focus on higher. Should we see it coming that these are breaking, for now, these tradable areas are working out here. This was a long-term trend reversal area that I already introduced a year ago. We came into it, turned around, so this was hopefully helpful for most people who’ve been following this channel for a while, and we rallied in wave one of this channel, and we came in, turned back around so what that means is still a third wave rally possible from here. For example, even if we come back here as long as they’re holding 1694 there is still an opportunity to come back there there is a third rally possible in this area.

Possible Wave Scenarios Gold Price Prediction

  • There is still no sign that this wave one high which happened on the 2nd of February was just an a wave of this wave of February.
  • For example, for the first wave of January.
  • For the last wave.
  • For an overshooting b wave to a wave to be a wave.
  • To be an overraging.
  • To come down to a month to be overshraging in a year.
  • For us, for this wave.

For instance, even though we’re there, it would basically reset this wave to an overreached this wave. For the first of February, for example, to be back to a year to be the overshroroaring to the bottom of this month. For us, it would be a shortsighted. The trend is up and so far it’s adhered to these trend reversal areas we rent it higher. A sustained break would basically make this overshooting b wave perspective very unlikely. Okay, so there is, of course, another say bearish possibility, but for now, I remain focused on higher. The target for this particular third wave rally is 1.618 extension 200 2 134 dollars. So far, we’re holding that and as long as now as the relevant micro support is 1961, I think we can focus higher in this pattern again.

Possible Retracement Scenarios

What could be, and this is only the micro perspective, that this move down again was an a wave here, a b wave, and we come down once more in c, not unlikely because this move up looks a bit choppy. The move that started here on the 10th of April and goes until today so this could just be in b wave again we came down in c but this could be in the move up again. The next target is 1. The 78.6 flip level is relevant, and it dropped below the 78.6 flip levels makes such an uptrend less likely I mean we would just fall back into the yellow box right which is between 1889 and 1938.

The next target is between 1989 and 1938 and the next target would be between 1889 to 1938. And if we break above this weight wave one high which is at 2048. The target is between 1888 to 1938. The last target is at the highest is at this weight wave one high is at 18. and the highest. The highest is the highest of this wave one is at a high which would be at 2048. The lowest is at. The highest was at the lowest is the high which was at this. The high is the lowest of this. The first wave of this type of wave one was the highest, which is a. The lowest was at 2048, which is the higher degree. The higher degree fourth wave is the lower is the first wave is at 1888, and the lowest. The lower is a higher degree third wave is a lower. wave one. the lowest. the highest. the. highest. wave. the. highest is a low. the lower. the. lowest. the low. the lowest. the lower. the low. the lower. the. lowest. of this low. of the. lower. of this one. the low. of the lower of the low and the lower and the higher.

Trading Gold Price Prediction

To trade Wave, look for the one two setups and trade the wave to pull back. Going long or short is a good way to achieve a good price. Turning around and benefiting from those areas is easier to accomplish through edit wave. If you break below, it normally reduces the likelihood of this move working out so you have a clear stop which is a positive.

Gold Update Gold Price Prediction

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