Big Things Are Happening in Crypto Today (Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance, Solana, Bitcoin News)

By | April 7, 2023

Crypto Today: Bitcoin Coin Hub to Install 1,000 New Bitcoin ATMs at Gas Stations amid Crypto Banking Cutoff

Bitcoin Coin Hub is set to install 1,000 new Bitcoin ATMs at gas stations to address the recent cutoff faced by cryptocurrency banking. This move will make buying and selling Bitcoin more accessible and convenient for users.

Uniswap Protocol Volume Higher than Coinbase for Two Months in a Row

For the past two months, Uniswap Protocol has had higher volume than Coinbase. This shows the growing demand for decentralized exchanges and their ability to compete with traditional, centralized exchanges.

Coinbase Ventures Joins a Liquid Staking Protocol Rocket Pools Oracle Dow

Coinbase Ventures has joined Rocket Pools Oracle Dow, a liquid staking protocol. This partnership will bring more liquidity to the protocol and facilitate decentralized staking.

Polka Dot Converse Trademarked for Blockchain-Based Messaging App

Polka Dot Converse has been trademarked for a blockchain-based messaging app. This app will leverage the security and immutability of blockchain to provide secure and private messaging to users.

Gala Games and Huobi to Give $50 Million to Victims of P Gala Scheme

Gala Games and Huobi will give $50 million to victims of the P Gala Scheme to compensate for their losses. The firms are also seeking millions in damages from the cross-chain bridge that covered up the token printing scheme.

Ethereum KZG Ceremony Receives Over 83,000 Contributions of Randomness from Users Worldwide

The Ethereum KZG Ceremony, which aims to provide a cryptographic foundation for Ethereum scaling, has received over 83,000 contributions of randomness from users all over the world. Cryptosat, a blockchain-powered satellite orbiting Earth, also announced its contribution of entropy from space on April 4th.

The satellite orbits Earth every 90 minutes following a remote course 550 kilometers above the ground.

All Cryptocurrency Launched Date and Founder’s

Founder(s)Vitalik ButerinDr. Gavin WoodChangpeng ZhaoAnatoly YakovenkoSatoshi Nakamoto
Consensus MechanismProof of Stake (planned)Nominated Proof of StakeDelegated Proof of StakeProof of HistoryProof of Work
Current Market Cap (as of April 2023)USD 397 billionUSD 52 billionUSD 144 billionUSD 74 billionUSD 1.3 trillion
Current Price (as of April 2023)USD 3,263USD 32USD 604USD 195USD 69,000
Maximum SupplyNo fixed maximum supply1.04 billion176 million488 million21 million
Block Time~15 seconds6 seconds3 seconds~1.5 seconds~10 minutes
Smart Contract PlatformYesYesNoYesNo
Token StandardERC-20ERC-20BEP-20SPLN/A
Notable Use CasesDecentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), GamingDecentralized Finance (DeFi), Interoperability, Polkadot EcosystemCryptocurrency Trading, Launchpad for new ProjectsDecentralized Finance (DeFi), Web 3.0, ScalabilityDigital Store of Value, Payment System
Crypto currency information in table format

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