5 Best Stocks to Buy in 2023

By | December 17, 2022

 5 Best Stocks to Buy in 2023 Investors will need to be courageous, patient, and nimble when the stock market shifts from a bear market to a bull market in order to locate the best stocks to purchase in 2023. Add tenacity to the list of qualities you’ll need in 2023 because, according to many market experts, you can’t go from one market to another without experiencing a recession first.

 5 Best Stocks to Buy in 2023

1. Amazon.com

Amazon.com stock (AMZN, $92.49) The managers of the Dodge & Cox Stock fund, one of the greatest low-fee mutual funds, who are price-snobs recently bought shares because the e-commerce and cloud computing powerhouse is currently so cheap. The management claim to adopt a long-term perspective and to be drawn to businesses with “excellent fundamentals where expectations and values have decreased.”

Amazon.com is appropriate. Over the last 12 months, the stock has declined 46%. Is this once-popular growth stock now a value stock? Compared to previous levels, shares are inexpensive. At $92, Amazon stock is trading at 45 times projected 2023 profits, but its historical five-year P/E is 73.

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The company’s strong position in its core markets will support AMZN and help it achieve a spot on this list of the best stocks to buy in 2023, even though a recession may hurt short-term profits. Shyam Patil of investment company Susquehanna International Group has set a 12-month price objective on shares of $140, which represents estimated upside of more than 51%, after a sum-of-the-parts analysis.

2. CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP)

Our understanding of chronic illnesses may evolve as a result of the science of gene editing. And leading this effort is CRIPR Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CRSP). The business’s unique CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technology aims to accurately break DNA before letting natural DNA repair mechanisms take over.

It’s a fascinating chance. However, it’s still a young field with a high degree of danger. The price of the company’s shares reflects that risk. The stock is selling down below $50 after soaring to above $165 per share in 2021. But finding 10x stocks is the topic of this essay. Investors are staying away from unprofitable enterprises in a risk-off atmosphere. In the case of CRSPR, there isn’t much money flowing in the door. Having said that, Cathie Wood prefers to own CRSP shares. Wood’s belief in the long-term potential of the equities in her ETFs remains unshaken.

3. Deckers Outdoor

Although Deckers Outdoor (DECK(opens in new tab), $380.18) is best known for its cosy sheepskin shoe line under the Ugg brand, analysts at BofA Securities (opens in new tab) think that the small-to-midsize company’s real strength lies in its line of HOKA brand running shoes, which they claim have a “clear runway for growth.” By the fiscal year 2025, BofA anticipates HOKA brand revenues to quadruple to $2.2 billion (ending March 31). $3.2 billion will be the company’s total revenue in fiscal 2022.

With its high profit margins and robust cash flow, Deckers’ flagship company, Uggs, has a decent chance of maintaining its pandemic-era appeal. The traditionally conservative management team, which has a good track record of exceeding expectations, is well liked by BofA. Deckers, according to the analysts, is a “high-quality stock with an attractive growth trajectory.” They set a $425 price objective for the stock for the next year, which would represent a rise of close to 13% from current levels.

4. Microvast (MVST)

I included Microvast (NASDAQ:MVST) on my list of penny stocks to keep an eye on in 2023. And for the same reasons that I gave for doing so, it is included on my list of possible 10x stocks.

One of the numerous businesses working to create the optimum lithium-ion batteries that will be required for electric vehicles is Microvast (EVs). The business offers unique battery solutions along with other essential parts. A portion of the $2.8 billion award the Biden administration is giving out in an effort to attract the EV supply chain to the United States was just disclosed by the corporation. Microvast, for its part, claims it will construct a separation plant using the funds.

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The $6.67 price objective analysts have set for MVST stock is a 276% increase over the firm’s current price. Investors could have to wait, though. Because the company’s main exporting plant is in Shanghai, it is exposed to the Covid lockdowns that are affecting it. But between now and 2030, the corporation has contracts totaling $2.5 billion.

5. Workday

Workday is a pioneer in cloud-based human resources management software (WDAY(opens in new tab), $177.33).

Based on its proprietary technique, it has truly been able to establish a solid position, according to Lori Keith, co-manager of the Parnassus Mid Cap fund. Its platform is used by half of the Fortune 500(opens in new tab). Customers also have a tendency to remain around after being installed; Workday boasts a 95% client retention rate.

Like most tech companies, the stock has been declining all year. Additionally, Workday barely made a profit during the previous fiscal year (ending in January). But according to experts, that will start to change in 2024, helped by sales growth of about 20% in 2023 and 2024.

Investors looking for the top stocks to purchase in 2023 may want to think about keeping for more than a year: According to Keith, Workday has a “substantial market-share opportunity,” and over the next three years, the stock’s potential reward will likely surpass its potential risk.

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