14 Tested Techniques For Better Time Management

By | December 28, 2022

14 Tested Techniques For Better Time Management time is money

14 tested techniques for better time management

1. create a Time audit

I don’t  know about you but there are many days  where I feel like time just flies by I  wake up and before I know it it’s  bedtime and I’ve yet to complete half of  my to-do list if you feel this way too  allow me to introduce you to time  auditing instead of panicking or  completely forsaking an activity out of  fear or lack of time use apps like my  hours toggle track or harvest to keep  track of your time take note of how long  it takes you to do a specific task and  honestly assess if you’re taking longer  than you should be do this for  everything even mundane things like  using the toilet or taking a  well-deserved break this way you’ll have  a clear picture of what’s eating up most  of your time so that you can  productively reallocate it

2. Set a time  limit to each task

this sort of  piggybacks off of time auditing once you  know where you’re wasting time identify  the new and improved time limit for a  specified task set a timer and get to  work the goal is to complete the task in  the time limit if you can’t you just  have to move on to the next thing on  your to-do list while this might seem  daunting at first give yourself Grace  and recognize any urges to procrastinate  when you feel overwhelmed and anxious  pause the timer take some deep breaths  and get back to work it’s all about  building the self-discipline and  practice 

3. Use the to-do list

this one  although obvious can make your life so  much easier aside from writing down the  main goal for example finish writing an  article by 3 pm take time to also break  down that goal into smaller ones I.E 9  am to 10 AM research 10 a.m to 11 30 am  start writing it’s scientifically proven  that ticking things off your to-do list  makes you feel more productive and  fulfilled the more things you tick off  the more you’ll want to work a to-do  list alongside time auditing and timers  is a fantastic way to produce high  quality work without wasting time on  distractions the less time you spend  distracted the more coins you have in  your pocket

4. Plan Ahead

I hate the  feeling when I wake up in the morning  without knowing what to do it’s not like  there’s nothing to do but I just can’t  decide what to start with it’s very  frustrating if like me you’ve ever had  this problem I think I may have found  the solution to it want to take a guess  it’s planning ahead before I go to bed I  jot down all the things I’m supposed to  do the next day if it’s in the office I  spend the first 10 minutes organizing  all that is required of me into a short  list before I start to work whether it’s  before bed or first thing in the morning  have a list before you work so you know  the plan for the day in case you don’t  have time to plan at night make sure  that every morning when you get up you  quickly sketch up at least five very  urgent tasks to be done that morning you  should try this method and tell me what  you think in the comments section below 

5. Spend your mornings on the most  important tasks

Mark Twain once said if  it’s your job to eat a frog it’s best to  do it first thing in the morning and if  it’s your job to eat two frogs it’s best  to eat the biggest one first for the  sake of being candid I did not  understand the saying at first however I  do now and I’d like to share it with you  essentially you want to start with your  most important tasks first mornings are  the time where most energetic and also  have less resistance this is why you  want to use this to your advantage and  just get [ __ ] done plus once it’s all  over you have the rest of the day to  enjoy your easier tasks 

6. Learn to delegate tasks

the most  relieving thing I’ve ever heard is that  I don’t need to do it all I’m allowed to  ask for help this applies to you too  hire professionals who are well versed  in something you don’t feel confident in  in fact it can even be for things you  know how to do but just don’t have time  for not only will you be saving time  you’ll also be honing a very crucial  skill delegation is a useful skill to  have and when combined with a Charming  personality can get you a lot of help  and anyway when you’re a  multi-millionaire CEO of companies  delegation is really all you’ll be doing 

7. Eliminate half work

getting  distracted when doing something isn’t a  surprising thing in our current ERA it’s  not like I want to sometimes we’re so  focused but are suddenly expected to do  what Society wants occasionally we find  ourselves trying to balance our  unreplied emails messages and to-do  lists while we still have to finish up  something we were originally doing  in most cases we end up not completing  them  the truth is that we’ll keep failing at  what we’re doing if we don’t fully  commit to what we’re doing the only way  to prevent this is by allocating a  reasonable amount of time to do a task  and focusing completely on it until the  time lapses this full removal of  distractions is the only method I’ve  found to enter into deep concentrated  work while avoiding fragmented periods  when you’re just doing half work 

8. Change your schedule

if you’re  watching this it’s clear that you want  to learn some practical time management  skills and I’d be pleased to assist you  out in fact if you’re having trouble  managing your time rearranging your  calendar could be the answer if you’re  used to sleeping late and struggling to  get up in the morning you should  consider waking up early I’m sure we’ve  all heard the saying early to bed  getting up early makes you wise healthy  and strong I think if you’re considering  changing your schedule you should add  waking up early into your plan

it’s so  beneficial when you wake up early in the  morning you’ll have a lot of good and  quiet time to plan your day exercise go  through your emails or even finish up on  some pending tasks you should also  reduce the time you spend watching TV  I know we all love late night Netflix  binges but you can’t do them every night  fix your sleeping schedule and Implement  an energetic morning routine and a  relaxing night routine get your eight  hours and stop Doom scrolling on Tick  Tock till the wee small hours of the  morning 

9. Leave a buffer time between tasks and  meetings

burnout is real many people  think working continuously is the route  to success sure it’s a quick way but  it’s not a sustainable one there’s only  so much stress your mind and body can  take before giving up this is why it’s  important to allow yourself time to  detach from stress between tasks and  meetings go for a walk do some yoga  listen to music and move your body or  simply take a power nap give your mind  and body some recovery time as a way of  saying thank you you’ll be more  productive and more successful in the  long run 

10. Be organized and do single tasks 

every year the average American spends  2.5 days searching for lost belongings  and research says that we spend more  than 2.7 billion dollars per year on  replacing these things it’s funny  because most of the people who misplace  their things are always multitasking  before losing them instead of wasting a  lot of money replacing the Lost items in  your house you could stop multitasking  in the first place so that you don’t  forget where you put your things you  should also make sure that you put back  what you’ve used in the exact spot where  you took it from if you’re working in an  office you should clear up your  workspace and create a document of the  management system remember to stop  multitasking 

11. Follow the 80 20 rule

did you know  that 80 of your achievement comes from  twenty percent of your work this concept  is often employed in sales and you can  use it too review your to-do list and  focus on what’s actually essential yes  you need to reply to emails but they may  not be as important as a big  presentation you have to give next week  focus on the latter in this case you  want to successfully allocate your  energy to the important twenty percent  of your tasks 

12. Stop being perfect

a wise woman once  said nobody’s perfect you live and you  learn it that wise woman was Hannah  Montana and she’s absolutely right  people spend more energy trying to  perfect what they’ve done than on what’s  forthcoming there’s no way to succeed  like this 

13. just say no

how many times have you  said yes to something even though deep  down you wanted to say no I’ve lost  count as to how many times I have done  this if you want to succeed you need to  put yourself first fill your own cup  learn to respectfully say no when you  genuinely do not want to do something  your friend will be fine they’ll figure  it out you on the other hand won’t get  back to the time you could have spent on  your work don’t stretch yourself then by  trying to be nice to everyone 

14. Don’t waste time waiting

if you’re  waiting at the train station or bus stop  Don’t Waste Your Time twiddling your  thumbs remember you won’t get time back  spend those moments reading or listening  to an audiobook use this time to expand  your knowledge to further your career  time is a precious commodity that  shouldn’t be wasted there are so many  ways to manage your time I’ve barely  scratched the surface if you’re  struggling with time then look out for  my money and time management course  coming out soon hopefully my tips help  you.

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