14 Biggest Lies Society Want To Believe , Life Lessons

By | August 31, 2022

14 Biggest Lies Society Want To Believe , Life Lessons life has many lessons to teach us and  each day it seems like the lessons  principles and books we should read and  learn keeps getting more and heavier  each passing day  while most of these lessons are for our  own benefit some are rather questionable  maybe it’s because they’ve been 

14 Biggest Lies Society Want To Believe , Life Lessons

corrupted by society and we’re now being  coarse into believing lies is truth but  this is too broad of a topic to cover in  this video  so today we’ll be taking you through  some of the biggest lies society wants  you to believe.

1.  Health comes from medicine 

every ad on the face of the earth  somehow suggests that we need to pop a  pill for everything if you’re stressed  take antidepressants if you need an  immunity boost how about a vitamin c  tablet in your water before you leave  the list of alternative

medicines you  can use to boost prevent and even cure  is too long to fit on our segment today  but is medicine really healthy on the  contrary medicine is not the source of  true health  health is acquired from genetics and a  good environment and conscious lifestyle

choices  so you should always seek the attention  of a doctor when you’re ill but perhaps  in the future before going to get your  doctor to prescribe you a sleeping pill  next time you’re battling insomnia  instead you could try meditation or a  relaxing cup of chamomile tea  maybe you’ll end up discovering some new  forms of healing 

2. If you work hard you’ll attain  financial freedom

if i were to ever put  a huge billboard in one of the five  biggest lies society tells us it would  read something like this hard work  equals financial freedom you see folks  financial freedom needs you to be  knowledgeable about how you make your  money how you spend

your money save your  money and invest your money that’s how  you’ll achieve financial freedom hard  work is best left for the gym where we  have no other shortcuts but to put in  some physical strength 

3.  You’ll be happy after marriage

you’ll find yourself very unhappy when  you get into a marriage with the sole  purpose of finding happiness  this is because that story going around  that finding and spending your whole  life with someone will bring you

happiness is unfortunately a sham  marriage doesn’t in any way bring  happiness it’s actually the two people  who get into a marriage that brings  happiness  a lot of people carry a box filled with  happiness in their hearts and then they  put it all in this bigger box called

marriage  slowly they begin to use and replenish  whatever they have in the box ensuring  that it never ends this is because they  know that you cannot get anything from  an empty box which is usually what  people seeking to find happiness in  marriage hope for  also each individual in the marriage is  responsible for their own happiness  you cannot place such a task on someone  else when you yourself can’t find what  makes you happy

4. Fair Complexion Means Beauty

society has formed a standard for most  things in life and the most used is the  standard of beauty which is skinny and  fair skin or at least it was for the  last century i’m glad that people are  embracing the different forms of beauty  out there because people don’t come in a  one-size-fits-all description whether  you have thick thighs or no thighs at  all you’re beautiful don’t let society’s  lies steal your shine 

5.  There are Heroes There are Villian

my mantra in life is that there’s a  little bad in every good person just as  there’s a little good and a bad person  if you’ve been around for some time you  know that the world isn’t always black  and white there’s actually a lot of gray  areas good people do wrong and make

wrong decisions sometimes and some  horrible people can be some of the  nicest you’ll ever meet  the fact is that we are merely human  heroes or villains it’s up to you to  decide how you see people and the world  and not the world dictating it for you

6. Deep pockets reflect a person’s  success

in the olden days when families used to  get together for weekends vacations and  holidays remember those our aunties had  a way of picking out who was rich and  who was not whoever was the biggest  spender in a family event and drove a  car and had a comfortably nice house was  assumed to be the richest one of them  all what they didn’t know is that they

were wrong and had been fooled into  thinking this  those relatives who spin big were also  the ones who were neck deep and dead  their cars were bought on loan the house  had to be paid a monthly mortgage fee  and their credit card debt was through  the roof a successful person would dress  simply have an average home and a simple  car  they wouldn’t spend on impulse or go  over budget at least now you know how to  tell them apart if you ever need to

7. love means intimacy 

love makes the world go round and we all  have our definition of what love is some  definitions bear some truth to them  while others are far from it and can  even be termed as a lie  one good example is that love means  intimacy in fact being intimate with  someone and being in

love with them has  no correlation whatsoever  so if you chose to be intimate with  someone that doesn’t necessarily mean  that you’re in love with them that’s why  you should never feel pressured to prove  your love by being intimate with anyone 

8.  Every story has a happily ever after

as soppy romantic human beings we all  wish that every story of our lives ends  up being a happy one whether it’s our  career story or our love live stories we  can’t seem to detach from the movie love  stories sold to us on soap operas  in a real sense sometimes marriages

break and relationships grow sour  it sometimes gets so bad that two people  can no longer stand each other  whatsoever  the good news is under such  circumstances you can choose to turn it  into a learning curve just grab the  lessons and run you might end up falling  in love twice 

9. True love only strikes once

speaking  about love do any of you believe in  trying to live that somehow we’re  destined to be born and find that one  person who truly loves us  however sweet and romantic that sounds  like it’s a big lie created by society  and even science supports my theory  apparently a single human can fall in  love up to three times in one lifetime  if you really take the time to think  about it you’ll realize that you were  fooled or is it that you didn’t truly  love your

high school crush but now the  probability is that you aren’t married  to that high school sweetheart you so  readily gave your heart to once  neither are you married to just some  rando because i believe you may have  fallen in love twice in your lifetime  there are also the others who have a  long love story filled with love and  passion with many partners like a cat in  its nine lives 

10. If you work hard you’ll get rich if  you’re not rich it’s your fault

i wonder why we still associate being  rich with hard work as if we don’t know  the stories of most of the people on the  rich list a good number of them never  had to work hard in their lives but were  instead born into riches another few  dropped out of school and used their  wits to get them to start them then why  is it that society is still hung up on  hard work making you rich maybe it’s  because that’s the only way to get more  children to stay in school and

spare you  the embarrassment of an unruly child the  truth is those who believe in pulling  their sleeves and are willing to put in  the work will reap their rewards in due  time if that was so donkeys would be the  richest creatures in the entire world  additionally you aren’t at fault if you  aren’t a billionaire when you’re 40  because only a small percentage have the  chance to have such an opportunity and  make good out of it 

11. As a parent you have a favorite  child

  being a parent is a fulfilling and  tiring job that will force you to take  different actions any day depending on  your child’s specific needs the most  unfair way to return this good is by  claiming that every parent must have a  favorite child though that is very far  from the truth because a mother’s  maternal love is enough to be shared  between all her children  also i think it’s a selfish presumption  to make more so

when the mother is a mum  to twins or triplets don’t feel bad as a  parent that you have different regimens  specialized for different children on  different days because one day you’ll  wake up and your last born will want to  be carried around all day  another day the clingy kid will be your  firstborn child it’s never  straightforward

12. Going to university and getting good grades is everything in life

  if we do a survey seeking to find how  many people went to a university versus  how many people are successful what do  you think we would find i’ll tell you  you’ll find that your whole life was a  lie and your success was never tied to  going to university even your good  grades won’t add any dollars to your  bank account unless you use them smartly  think of how

many millionaires and  billionaires didn’t go to university or  how many of them quit soon after  enrolling there are about a handful but  in the end they made what they had  worked for them which helped them  achieve great success however that  doesn’t mean that these people don’t  read they do have the knowledge just  that they seek knowledge on things that  are beneficial to them aside from  current affairs  if you have talent find a way to  capitalize on that and whatever else you  have then you’ll know for sure that good  grades aren’t everything 

13. You’re all exceptional 

we’ve all heard this phrase before  mostly in classrooms or in our work area  teachers and our superiors usually use  this phrase to make everyone feel equal  but unfortunately this phrase is far  from the truth because there’s no way we  can all be exceptional and if

it happens  that we’re all exceptional then in a  real sense none of us is  we all must accept that we can’t all be  superheroes like clark kent because  there wouldn’t be anyone left to save if  we’re all superhuman that’s why i accept  that i’m a normal human being even  though i’m exceptionally talented in  different areas doesn’t mean that i’m  less of anything and neither are you 

14.  After marriage a woman must change

  the best way to end our Article is by  featuring a common stereotype that  assumes that a woman must change after  she gets married as if it’s not enough  that she moves out of the comfort of her  house or her parents house to move in  with a partner and changing her last  name to match yours still doesn’t matter  typically speaking society believes this  is true no wonder you see women change  their wardrobes into those lucky looking  outfits

also they forget about fashion and just  dress for the sole purpose of covering  their bodies the truth is no it’s not  necessary that a woman must change after  marriage  it doesn’t make you any less married if  you chose to remain as the woman you  knew before you got married  i’d also like to believe that your  husband would like your former self much  better because it’s the woman he fell in  love with  care to tell us which is the biggest lie  you’ve heard leave a comment down below.

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