College Football Changes Needed: Future Playoff Format

The idea of an expansion was promoted by the College Football Playoff Committee and, let's be honest, ESPN.

It was a little surprising that it must start in 2024.

For a while, the twelve teams will remain the same. But if anything, last week's bowl matches showed,

If you read an RBR post from December, we speculated on how the playoff would have been structured if it had been implemented for the 2022 campaign.

One of the mistakes was seeding Clemson, the ACC champion, third and Utah, the Pac-12 champion, fourth.

– ACC champion Clemson was throttled by Tennessee 31-14. – Big 12 champion Kansas State was dominated by Alabama 45-20.

Michigan, the Big Ten champion, fell at TCU 51–45. Pac-12 champion Utah suffered a crushing 35-21 loss to Penn State.

– SEC champion Georgia won but just barely thanks to some favorable officiating and a rattled place kicker.

Why should securing a first-round bye after winning your conference over other teams who might be unquestionably superior?