Top 5 Best Mini PCs of 2022 | Review of Apple Mac Mini M1, Asus Chromebook 4, Intel Nuc -11, Intel nuc 9 pro

By | July 28, 2022

Top 5 Best Mini PCs of 2022 | Review of Apple Mac Mini M1, Asus Chromebook 4, Intel Nuc -11, Intel nuc 9 pro

what’s up guys today’s is on the  top five best mini pcs in 2022 through  extensive research and testing i’ve put  together a list of options that’ll meet  the needs of different types of buyers  so whether it’s price performance or its  particular use we’ve got you covered for  more information on the products i’ve  included links

Top 5 Best Mini PCs of 2022 | Review of Apple Mac Mini M1, Asus Chromebook 4, Intel Nuc -11, Intel nuc 9 pro

1. Apple Mac Mini M1

let’s get  started we’ll kick things off with the  apple mac mini m1 the best apple mini pc  available on the market in 2022. the  company’s new m1 chip delivers  unprecedented performance improvements  for the mac mini and at the same time  offers an affordable price one area  where apple has used shortcuts to reduce  costs is port

selection for starters the  new mech mini only has two thunderbolt 3  usbc slots compared to four on the intel  version in addition it supports a  maximum of two external screens also  you’ll find several usb a ports an hdmi  port and a three and a half millimeter  headphone jack for most customers these  changes will not be a problem on the  plus side the m1 mac mini’s wireless  connectivity is of the highest quality  thanks to the latest wi-fi 6 technology

bluetooth performance is also flawless  and you can work with three bluetooth  devices at the same time most of the  updates for the new mac mini are on the  inside the cornerstone of this update is  apple’s new m1 chip for starters the m1  processor features an octa-core cpu with  four performance cores and four  configured for efficiency it’s paired  with an octa-core integrated gpu and  unlike the

macbook air the mac mini can  run at all eight cores if needed there  is also a 16 core neural engine  dedicated to machine learning tasks it  comes with eight gigabytes of ram and a  256 gigabyte ssd which is a solid  configuration for this type of device a  key aspect of the m and soc is the way  apple designed the memory its unified  memory structure places a single set of  ram on the same surface as the cpu and  gpu in plain terms it means that the cpu  and gpu have faster memory access  which

potentially leads to better  performance we’ll get to the point with  the new m1 ship the mac mini makes a  huge leap in performance and outperforms  its weight in price good stuff a thumbs  up from here the next product we’ll talk  about is the asus chromebook 4 the best  chrome mini pc on the market in 2022  when it comes to chrome os you’re  looking for a very functional but  minimalist tool to work with one of the  areas that will always make you happy

to  use chrome os is the automatic updates  that keep your device safe this together  with the fact that android applications  are available in the play store within  the operating system makes chromebook so  functional because the chrome os is so  reduced to the basics you’ll get great  speed from any device that uses the  operating system on the front of the  case you have a headphone jack two usb a  slots and a micro sd card reader on the  back you have a power port a kensington  lock port ethernet a pair of hdmi slots  two usb 8 ports and a usbc

port for  power input data and video output also  you can connect up to four 4k monitors  to this one which makes this model a  very capable device for everyday use the  unit we’re looking at is a celeron with  4 gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of  memory if that doesn’t satisfy

2. Asus Chromebook 4

you the  Asus Chromebook 4 has a wide range of  improvements available all chromebook  variants include a visa mount which  allows you to attach it to the back of  the screen as well as the necessary  power cord however there is no internal  speaker keyboard or mouse in the  configuration you’ll need to provide  your own sound equipment asus was  generous

with the ports on the chromebox  4. it has a combined audio microphone  and headphone jack on the front along  with two usb 8 ports and a micro sd card  reader usb 3.2 gen 1 means fast  performance from the ports on the front  the card reader is useful for increasing  memory or synchronizing files thanks to  the multiple configurations available  the asus chromebook 4 offers the perfect  combination

of value and power you can  choose between four different processors  and opt for the performance and price  you need thumbs up that’s for sure for  all

3. Intel Nuc -11

you epic gamers we say check out the  intel nuc-11 enthusiast kit the best  gaming mini pc available on the market  in 2022 if you’re looking for a small  modest but surprisingly powerful mini  the intel nuc-11 enthusiast kit may be  the best option for you while not the  strongest among competitors this model  strikes well above its size class  walking fine along that thin line of  performance quality in a horizontal  position the body measures 5.7

inches  from front to back 8.75 inches wide and  1.6 inches high you can also place it on  the included vertical stand reducing the  space on the desktop to almost zero  intel also offers a fully configured  option equipped with the windows 10  operating system which comes with nvidia  rtx 2060 graphics you have six

gigabytes  of ram available as for the parts it  comes with the intel and uc11 runs the  intel core i7 an 11th generation quad  core cpu with a maximum speed of 4.7  gigahertz most nuc customers are  unlikely to need more cores than this as  this category of computer is generally  reserved for displaying content rather  than creating it as a professional and  enthusiast system the intel and uc11  comes

with a host of connectivity  options including two thunderbolt 4  ports headphones and optical audio ports  microsd slot rj45 ethernet port mini  displayport one hdmi output port 3 front  usb ports and 5 rear usb 3 ports the  device works pretty well for its size  has enough graphics performance to  comfortably push through more demanding  games if you’re strictly looking for  something that can play

older aaa titles  over 60 frames per second at 1440p or  serve as a reliable multiplayer machine  that could easily stay hidden with the  right kind of editing equipment well  done because with this model you’ll get  a premium for all

4. lenovo think center  m70q gen2

you business people we  especially highlight lenovo think center  m70q gen2 also known as the best  business mini pc available on the market  in 2022 lenovo clearly puts convenience  ahead of looks this has the advantage  that the m70q can be opened without  tools among other things to upgrade

the  ssd and ram the option we’re analyzing  comes with 8 gigabytes of ram which is  enough to run most programs providing  the expected efficiency also there’s a  256 gigabyte ssd which contributes to  all your running programs remaining  active and the pc will continue with  suspensions in a few seconds all this  combined is more than enough for

today’s  everyday life in the office even if you  use photoshop or edit video the m70q is  top notch when it comes to connections  the m70q offers all sorts of them almost  too much to choose from on the front  there’s a headphone jack usb 3.2 gen 2  and usbc 3.2 gen1 on the back lenovo  comes with almost everything you might  need in a modern office desktop two

usb  2.2 gen1 two usb 3.2 gen 2 one hdmi 2.0  one display port one ethernet two usb  2.0 and one vga and serial ports a  decent choice that tries to balance  between the office present and the past  when it comes to connectivity the m70q  naturally offers built-in wi-fi and  bluetooth bluetooth 5.1 is not exactly  the

latest standard but it is perfectly  adequate for wireless headphones  keyboard and mouse next what lenovo  always emphasizes with its thinksetter  computers is security of course the m70q  is no exception and is equipped with a  variety of security features both  software and hardware so it comes with a  lenovo think shield security solution as  well as a

kensington lock in conclusion  lenovo did a really good job with the  m70q the compact case certainly does not  attract attention but in terms of  performance it perfectly covers everyday  life in the office in 2022

5. Intel nuc 9 pro  kit

thanks to a  great performance top value for money as  well as many satisfied users we come to  the conclusion that the intel nuc 9 pro  kit is the best overall mini pc in 2022  intel has launched the nuc9 pro as a  desktop mini computer with workstation  computing performance which not only  puts the exeon series processors in nuc  design but can also be equipped with a  discrete short format

graphics card  creating a smaller size and high  performance desktop workstation to  simplify the biggest difference between  this intel and uc9 pro and the  traditional nuc is the processor chip  and graphics display uses as well as the  new modular design currently the nuc9  pro kit offers two versions of the  specification with eight or six cores  unlike previous nuc products they all  use u-series

notebook processors another  main feature of this mini is its ability  to support desktop graphics cards it has  a pcie slot in the hull which can  install an independent graphics card the  modular element in the nuc9 pro kit is  the main core of this product its shape  is similar to the appearance of a  discrete graphics card the processor is  packaged in bga and the motherboard  cannot be replaced

two so dim memory  slots are provided on top and the memory  can support eight gigabytes of ram as  for the ports you don’t have to worry  because you’re secured there too there  are two thunderbolt 3 ports 4 usb 3.1  ports hdmi 2.08 port sdxc card slot as  well as two intel gigabit lan ports in  our opinion this is more than enough for  most users if you want to build a truly  compact workstation that’ll provide you

with high performance the intel nuc9 pro  kit is ideal for that also you’ll enjoy  a great viewing experience with stunning  images without the need to add a  graphics card overall this product  delivers premium performance at the best  possible price quality ratio you want  the best you got it so that’s it for the  best mini pcs of 2022

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